Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Define Yourself!

Here I am, back with a little comic relief.

If your life seems to lack definition, you can find meaning at urbandicitionary.com!

Take a look at what my name means: Kristin

I especially like this definition:

Wonderful in millions of ways. There are no words that describe the sheer radiance of this beautiful creature. Wise beyond her years she can tap into nature and reveal all of its secrets with nothing more than a smile. An angel in disguise she is free-spirited and fun loving. Recognized as one of the most sensual and erotic lovers. One could only wish to tame this wild temptress. Graced by god.
"ohhhhh Kristin.... OOOOhhhhhhh Kristin!!!!!!"

And let's not forget Jessica!

Oh, Jessica!

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