Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures From Our Initial Shoots

stretched foot



over the city


FOI Short Description

This is a dance film that explores the ways we create who we are, our attachment to our various “forms of identification,” and where we must sometimes go to find our core selves. The film asks such questions as: “When I’ve lost what I perceive to be the most important element of myself, what is left?; Who am I when all my circumstances have changed?; Do I have to be creating something to be real?; Am I afraid of what people might think if they see a different side of me?; How do my public and personal personas overlap?; Where can I go to be genuine and what is the essence of me that can never be taken away?” By asking these questions the film hopes to encourage viewers to recognize their own authentic identity which, by extension, gives everyone they interact with permission to be authentic as well.

Finished Principal Photography!

Jessica and I finally finished filming (and re-filming) Forms of Identification! Phew - what a relief and sense of accomplishment! We'll be posting updates on screenings of rough cuts, trailers and other clips and or photos of the film here. You can also stay tuned to hear how post-production and our distribution and funding plans are going. So come back often!