About the Project


Forms of Identification explores the ways we create who we are, our attachment to our various identities or personas, and where we must sometimes go to find our core selves after a perceived or real disaster. The film asks: “When I’ve lost what I perceive to be the most important element of myself, what is left?; Who am I when all my circumstances have changed?” By asking these questions, the film encourages viewers to recognize their own authentic identities, which evolve throughout life, and to also recognize how the creation and experience of art has the power to heal and transform.

Forms of Identification as an art form embodies its message of searching for an identity and regaining joy from calamity. It is an artistic collaboration that crosses the boundaries of genre. It is a film that is also a dance. It is a dance on film. The goal of this cross-genre art form is to reach out in an experimental way to a cross-section of audiences (both dance and film enthusiasts) about a universal theme - one’s never-ending quest for identity - especially to those individuals who can directly relate to the feeling of losing and regaining one’s identity through the journey of life’s many twists and turns. Through creating art in a new genre, the dancer dives into film - an arena for self-expression not previously explored. So the goal of screening and distributing Forms of Identification is to widely communicate how one performing artist reconnected with the artist-within in order to overcome the devastating experience of losing her ability to express herself, thereby inspiring others to dive into new waters of self-expression.